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Just moved or living in Holland and longing for flowers all year round? 

We offer attractive Urban Gardens, Roofgardens, and Terraces in the heart of Amsterdam, to residential large projects.

We create low maintenance gardens with contemporary design.

Typical Dutch plantingdesign is our expertise with the use of Shrubs, Perennials and Grasses, also known as the Dutch Wave.

Why not fill your garden with bouquets to pick, and enjoy the seasons from inside  ? Fill out the form below or drop us a line  to see how we can help.


City gardens have to tick lots of boxes, providing outdoor space for planting, relaxation, play and entertaining.

Usually, in a relatively small area, they need clever designs to make them work well. Living and working in our small country we are experienced in making the best of your space.

Do you like to discuss your project abroad?  Please sent us a message and we’ll get back to you real soon.

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