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  Garden Design

Lucie Nijsen owns a Garden design consultancy offering a comprehensive service in the Amsterdam Area in The Netherlands. Established in 2003 the practice offers a wide-ranging set of skills and expertise to produce innovative solutions for private and commercial clients.

 Urban Gardens, Green-roofs, and plant design is our expertise.


We create Contemporary gardens which will meet your dreams and will never get boring. Our Planting Design will surprise you in every season. We apply perennials and ornamental grass mixtures. Kindly in maintenance as far as required.

High level Planting plans can be  commissioned on a small or large scale.

As a publicist on Landscapedesign Lucie attends International Garden shows and Conferences as to expand her knowledge in the field.

Photo: Saar Scholtes & Lucie NijsenChelsea Flower Show, London.

Garden Design

Just moved or living in Holland and longing for flowers all year round?

We work frequently for ex-pats and offer attractive Urban Gardens, Roofgardens and Terraces in the heart of Amsterdam, to residential large projects. We create low maintenance gardens with contemporary design.

Planting Design

Whenever the Dutch meet, we bring flowers. Why not fill your garden with bouquets to pick, and enjoy the seasons from inside. Low maintenance Plantdesign is our expertise with the use of Shrubs, Perrenials and Grasses, also known as the Dutch Wave.

Urban Gardens

City gardens have to tick lots of boxes, providing outdoor space for planting, relaxation, play and entertaining. Usually in a relatively small area, they need clever designs to make them work well. We create contemporary design yet low maintenance gardens for maximum effect.

Urban Gardens

Crisp, clean lines are an intrinsic part of CONTEMPORARY design, which can be applied to either small or larger gardens. Equally important is the use of space, geometric layout and the absence of too many fussy details and clutter. This all adds up to a garden that could be the perfect antidote to a hectic lifestyle – dynamic yet relaxing. Designing private gardens adapted to the life of the site is Lucie’s specialty. We create outdoor spaces where people connect to nature while dining, relaxing and playing.

Materials tend to be natural and timeless such as stone, slate and wood, and plants become just one part of the architecture. Think clipped hedges, specimen trees and simple blocks of planting. Water is often used to create reflection, movement or sound.

 Photo’s © Lucie Nijsen 

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